Adam M. Swanda

Security researcher - Developer - Writer - Data love

About Me

"The best way to predict the future is to create it." - Steven Lisberger

I am a Senior Threat Researcher currently residing in the Washington D.C. mretro area. I'm working at an Arlington, VA based security start-up that provides an innovative approach to network security and intelligence using a truly unique approach to DFI (Deep File Inspection), which provides a fantastic approach to network security, malware attacks, and emerging threats. My main focus here is building out internal & external security research and development initiatives, reverse engineering, and authoring blog posts on topical threats.
I love attempting to solve problems that have yet to be addressed in the programming and informaton security space, and I strive to bring that same level of dedication and idealism with me everywhere I go.
Professionally I also have years of experience within Threat Intelligence teams, Cyber Crime investigations, Full Stack development, Incident Response, and Full-scope penetration testing.

In my personal time, I develop and contribute to a variety of open source projects of all kinds; write short stories and screenplays, create art, study mathematics, cryptocurrency, machine learning, and economics.

Recently I have been working on several personal passion projects focusing on internet security and privacy research.

Washington D.C. metro area
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